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School House Pools Brings You The Best In Vinyl Liner Pools!

Where everyday is a vacation - How would having a pool change your life-style? Remember how relaxed you felt on that great vacation. Now picture having a little piece of that vacation every day. A new pool will change more than the look of your yard, it will change the look of your life!


Step out the door and the sparkle of the water catches your eye, transforming your home into a beautiful waterfront property: no need to pack the car or battle the traffic, you’ve discovered the peace and the beauty of living at the water’s edge.
15 ft. x29 ft. *
17 ft. x33 ft.
17 ft. x37 ft.
18 ft. x 37 ft.
20 ft. x40 ft. 17 ft. x39 ft. Lazy L
20 ft. X 44 ft. Lazy L
*No Diving Boards allowed


Step away from the office and come home. It has been a long week and you have worked hard. A new pool is the retreat you deserve. Ask anyone with a backyard pool and they will tell you that they could not imagine living without one.


20 ft. x 32 ft.*
20 ft. x 37 ft.*
21 ft. x 40 ft.
24 ft. x 44 ft.
Available in Standard or Reverse
*No Diving Boards allowed

Building a pool in your backyard is easier than ever before. A pool adds beauty to your property, helps you relax and stay in shape, and provides a place to entertain friends and family.

And if these things weren’t enough, building a pool can add resale value to your home – so you get a return on your investment. Enjoy now and you can enjoy later too

16 ft. x 32 ft. *
18 ft. x 36 ft. *
20 ft. x 40 ft. *
Available in Standard or Reverse
*No Diving Boards allowed


Swimming is one of the surest paths to fitness and good health. The physical benefits include aerobic exercise, cardiovascular conditioning, full body workouts as well as relief for tired and sore muscles. And don’t forget the benefits of stress relief and relaxation that sooth your mind and soul.

Having a backyard pool gives you a home-based fitness and hydrotherapy center that leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and invigorated.

16 ft. x 37 ft.
18 ft. x 41 ft.
20 ft. x 43 ft.
18 ft. x 44 ft. Lazy L


Become a closer family. A new pool creates an opportunity to increase both the quality and the quantity of your family time. You’re encouraging healthy habits, building relationships and creating memories. Barbeques, family reunions, neighborhood gatherings, now you can plan your activities around family time – every time.

6” Radius Corners
12 ft. x 24 ft.*
16 ft. x 32 ft.
18 ft. x 36 ft.
20 ft. x 40 ft.

2’ Radius Corners
12 ft. x 24 ft.*
16 ft. x 32 ft.
16 ft. x 36 ft.
18 ft. x 36 ft.
2o ft. x 40’
18 ft. x 37ft. x 26 ft 90L
18 ft. x 43 ft. lazy L

4’ Radius Corners
16 ft. x 32 ft.
18’ ft. x 36 ft.
20 ft. x 50 ft.
*No Diving Boards allowe


With busy schedules and everyday commitments, it’s more and more difficult to find time to do the things that you really enjoy. Spend time with your kids, have a pool party with your closest friends, or bask in the sun on a quiet Saturday.

Go ahead, suddenly its easy to find the time


Close your eyes and picture a relaxing summer holiday where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Now open your eyes, step outside and enjoy paradise right in your own backyard.

16 ft. x 30 ft.*
18 ft. x 36 ft.
20 ft. x 38 ft.
*No Diving Boards allowed


We are a network of qualified pool professionals. Experienced and quality-oriented dealers committed to ongoing education and high business standards. The in ground pool installation process will be closely followed to guarantee complete customer satisfaction

16 ft. x 34 ft. x 25 ft.*
18 ft. x 37 ft. x 29 ft.
20 ft. x 42 ft. x 31 ft.
Available in Left or Right
*No Diving Boards allowed


Even small or odd shaped backyards can still fit the outdoor fun and relaxation of a pool. We have the perfect size pool to fit in almost any corner of your property

20 ft. x 20 ft.*
24 ft. x 24 ft.*
*No Diving Boards allowed


Where beauty endures

Crown the jewel of your yard with a elegant and enduring vinyl liner. The wide selection of patterns allows you to decorate your pool in style, with uncompromising quality and durability. Made from the finest virgin vinyl, these super thick liners reign far superior to the industry standard.

A specially treated liner resists the ultraviolet rays and discourages bacteria and fungus growth. Further protection with a clear acrylic topcoat results in a uniquely beautiful liner that’s long lasting, and easy to maintain.

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